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 Rules of Appellate Procedure  $235 WA:RAP 

 Rules for Appeals from Limited Jurisdiction Courts                                                                                 

 $235 WA:RALJ  


 Superior Court    
Adams County Superior Court  $220 WA:ADAMS-S
Asotin County, Columbia County and Garfield County Superior Courts $220 WA:ACG-S 
Benton County and Franklin County Superior Courts $220 WA:BNT&FRK 
Chelan County Superior Court  $220 WA:CHELN-S
Clallam County Superior Court  $220 WA:CLALM-S
Clark County Superior Court Rules  $220 WA:CLARK-S
Cowlitz County Superior Court $220 WA:CWLTZ-S
Douglas County Superior Court $220 WA:DGLAS-S
Ferry County, Pend Oreille County and Stevens County Superior Courts $220 WA:FPOS-S
Grant County Superior Court $220 WA:GRANT-S
Grays Harbor County Superior Court $220 WA:GRAYS-S
Island County Superior Court $220 WA:ISLND-S
Jefferson County Superior Court $220 WA:JFRSN-S
King County Superior Court Rules $220 WA:KING-S
Kittitas County Superior Court Rules $220 WA:KITAS-S
Kitsap County Superior Court Rules $220 WA:KITSP-S
Klickitat County Superior Court  $220 WA:KLICK-S
Lewis County Superior Court  $220 WA:LEWIS-S
Lincoln County Superior Court $220 WA:LNCLN-S
Mason County Superior Court $220 WA:MASON-S
Okanogan County Superior Court  $220 WA:OKNGN-S
Pacific County and Wahkiakum County Superior Courts $220 WA:PF&WK-S
Pierce County Superior Court Rules $220 WA:PRCE-S
San Juan County Superior Courts $220 WA:SJUAN-S
Skagit County Superior Court $220 WA:SKGIT-S
Skamania County Superior Court $220 WA:SKAM-S
Snohomish County Superior Court Rules $220 WA:SNOH-S
Spokane County Superior Court Rules $220 WA:SPOK-S
Thurston County Superior Court Rules $220 WA:THUR-S
Walla Walla County Superior Court $220 WA:WALLA-S
Whatcom County Superior Court $220 WA:WHATM-S
Whitman County Superior Court $220 WA:WHITM-S
Yakima County Superior Court Rules



All Superior Courts Require WA:WASCR

 District Court      
Adams County - Ritzville District Court Rules $220 WA:ADAMS-D
Chelan County District Court $220 WA:CHELN-D
Clallam County District Court II $220 WA:CLLM-D2
Clark County District Court $220 WA:CLARK-D
Douglas County District Court $220 WA:DGLAS-D
Grant County District Court $220 WA:GRANT-D
Grays Harbor County District Court $220 WA:GRAYS-D
King County District Court Rules $220 WA:KING-D 
Lewis County District Court $220 WA:LEWIS-D
Lincoln County District Court $220 WA:LNCLN-D
Skagit County District Court $220 WA:SKGIT-D
Snohomish County District Court Rules


Whatcom County District Court Rules



All District Court Rule sets require WA:CRLJ

 State Court      
Superior Court Civil Rules (use with local rules) $220 WA:WASCR
Civil Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (use with local rules)  $220 WA:CRLJ  



 Probate Court      
Revised Code of Washington Chap 7.06 - Mandatory Arbitration of Probate Actions   WA:MAP-RCW
King County Superior Court - Local Mandatory Arbitration Rules   WA:KING-MA  
Washington State Probate Package $1,363 WA:PB-PKG





 District Court      
U.S. District Court - Eastern District  (Requires FRCP) $220 WA:USDC-ED
U.S. District Court - Eastern District Patent  (Requires WA:USDC-ED, FRCP) $252 WA:USDCEDP
U.S. District Court - Western District (Requires FRCP) $220  WA:USDC-WD
U.S. District Court - Western District Patent (Requires WA:USDC-WD, FRCP)




All Washington Civil Litigation Rule Sets (all rules listed above except probate) $3,528




 Washington Bankruptcy


 Eastern District      
 Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District - Chapter 7 (use with FRBP-7*) $268 WA:BRED-7
 Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District - Chapter 11 (use with FRBP-11*) $268 WA:BRED-11
 Bankruptcy Court - Eastern District - Chapter 13 (use with FRBP-13*) $268 WA:BRED-13
 All three Eastern District Chapters




 Western District      
  Bankruptcy Court - Western District - Chapter 7 (use with FRBP-7*)  $268 WA:BRWD-7
  Bankruptcy Court - Western District - Chapter 11(use with FRBP-11*)  $268 WA:BRWD-11
  Bankruptcy Court - Western District - Chapter 13 (use with FRBP-13*)  $268 WA:BRWD-13
  All three Western District Chapters  $634 WA:BRWD3

* Note federal bankruptcy sets must be purchased separately.


U.S. District Court - Western District – Admiralty (requires WA:USDC-WD US:FRCP-AM FRCP) $235



U.S. District Court - Western District – Criminal (Requires US:FRCRP) $235 WA:USCR-WD
U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - Civil $252 CIRC-9TH




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