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Court Rules of Appellate Practice (must be used with NE:RCP-AP) NE:RAP
Rules of Civil Procedure - Appeal to Ct of Appeals/Supreme (must be used with NE:RAP) NE:RCP-AP


 District Court      
First Judicial District * NE:1ST
Second Judicial District  * NE:2ND
Third Judicial District * NE:3RD
Fourth Judicial District * NE:4TH
Fifth Judicial District * NE:5TH
Sixth Judicial District * NE:6TH
Twelfth Judicial District * NE:12TH

*  All District Court rules listed above must be used with the following rules:

Rules of Civil Procedure - District Courts
Rules of Pleading & Discovery Rules - Civil Cases
Uniform District Court Rules
Nebraska State District Court Rules Package NE:DIST-PKG

 Note: The NE:RCP-D, NE:RPL&DSC and NE:UDCR rules must be used together.



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U.S. District Court of Nebraska (must be used with FRCP) NE:USDC-NE


U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals - Civil US:8THCIR



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