Intellectual Property

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  Patent Prosecution
 Patent Prosecution rules
 Includes Utility, Design and Plant rules and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and Paris Convention deadlines
$2,376 IP:P-P-ALL


  Patent Trials and Post Grant Review
Trial Practice Before PTAB and Judicial Review - 37 CFR Parts 42 and 90 $1,701 IP:PT-PTAB


  Patent Interferences
Contested Cases and Patent Interferences $1,695 IP:INF


  Patent Library
All Patent sets listed above $3,234  IP:ALL-P




  Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration & Renewal $2,045 IP:TM-REG


  Trademark Trial & Appeal Board (TTAB) Rules
Inter Partes Proceedings (TTAB rules - includes Opposition/Cancellation Institution Orders and Counterclaims) $2,045 IP:TM-IPPA


  Trademark Package
Madrid Protocol * IP:TM-MDRD
U.S. Customs Trademark Recordation * IP:TM-CTMS
U.S. Customs Trademark Recordation (Prior 11/1/89) * IP:TM-CTMP
All 5 Trademark sets listed above $3,408 IP:ALL-T

* This set can only be purchased as part of a package

  Trademark Library
50 U.S. State Trademark Law Rule Sets *    
All Trademark sets listed above $9,040  IP:ALL-T+US

* This set can only be purchased as part of a package



 All Patent & Trademark sets listed above (excluding IP:US - 50 U.S. State Trademark Law Rule Sets) $5,454   IP:ALL        



All Patent & Trademark sets listed above $9,721   IP:ALL+US


   Domain Name Dispute Resolution


Dispute Resolution Rules Package $1,013   IP:DN-ALL


Note: Some IP Rules functionality available to Vision SQL users is not available to Alliance partner Applications.   



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