Supreme Court and Court of Appeals      | Product code |
Colorado Appellate Rules CO:AR


 District Court      
Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure (must be used with CO:CRS-13) CO:CRCP 
Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project - Business Actions in District Court CO:CAPP
Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 13 (selected provisions) (must be used with CO:CRCP) CO:CRS-13
Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure & Revised Statutes Package CO:RCP-PKG


 County Court      | Product code |
Colorado Rules of County Court Civil Procedure CO:CRCP-CC


Colorado Probate Code
Colorado Rules of Probate Procedure
Colorado Probate Package CO:PB-PKG

 Water Court      | Product code |
Colorado Water Court Rules CO:WATERCT

 Foreclosure Rules      | Product code |
Colorado Revised Statutes - Title 38, Article 38 (Foreclosure Sales) (For Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, El Paso & Jefferson Counties) CO:CRS-38


 Public Utilities Commission      | Product code |
Colorado Public Utilities Commission-Rules of Practice and Procedure 4 CCR 723-1 CO:PUC




 District Court      | Product code |
U.S. Dist Court of Colorado - Criminal Rules (must be used with US:FRCRP) CO:USCR-CO
U.S. Dist Court of Colorado (must be used with FRCP) CO:USDC-CO
U.S. Dist Court of Colorado - Patent Rules (must be used with CO:USDC-CO & FRCP) CO:USDC-P


U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals- Civil US:10THCIR


 Bankruptcy Court      
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 7 CO:USBC-7
U.S. Bankruptcy Court  - Chapter 11 CO:USBC-11
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 13 CO:USBC-13
All three Colorado bankruptcy rule sets CO:BR-ALL

All bankruptcy rule require corresponding FRBP set - see under Federal Court rules for pricing.

All rules are for civil litigation only unless indicated otherwise.







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