Supreme Court                           | Product code |
Rules of the Supreme Court (must be used with AZ:ARCAP)




 Court of Appeals      
Rules of Appellate Procedure




 Superior Court      
Apache County Superior  Court $186 AZ:APACHE
Cochise County Superior Court $186 AZ:COCHISE
Coconino County Superior Court $186  AZ:COCONIN
Gila County Superior Court $186 AZ:GILA
Graham County Superior Court $186 AZ:GRAHAM 
Greenlee County Superior Court $186 AZ:GREENLE
La Paz County Superior Court $186  AZ:LAPAZ 
Maricopa County Superior Court $186 AZ:MARICPA
Mohave County Superior Court $186 AZ:MOHAVE
Navajo County Superior Court $186 AZ:NAVAJO
Pima County Superior Court $186 AZ:PIMA
Pinal County Superior Court $186 AZ:PINAL 
Santa Cruz County Superior Court $186 AZ:SCRUZ 
Yavapai County Superior Court $186 AZ:YAVAPAI
Yuma County Superior Court $186  AZ:YUMA

(Local county sets include relevant provisions of ARCP and Uniform Rules.)

 Justice Court      
Arizona Justice Court Rules of Civil Procedure



 Office of Administrative Hearings

Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings Procedural Rules

Arizona Uniform Administrative Hearing Procedures

AZ OAH Rules Package $427 AZ:OAH-ALL


Arizona Tax Court Rules of Practice - Maricopa County (must be used with AZ:MARICPA) $648  AZ:TAXCT


Arizona Corporation Commission - Rules of Practice and Procedure (must be used with AZ:ARCP) $388  AZ:CC-RPP


Limitation of Actions - AZ Revised Statutes Title 12 Chapter 5. $388  AZ:LIMIT


Arizona Superior Court Rules of Appellate Procedure $418  AZ:SCRAP-ALL




 District Court - Civil      | Product code |
U.S. District Court of Arizona - Civil (must be used with FRCP) $186 AZ:USDC-AZ


All Arizona rules package (rules listed above excluding AZ:TAXCT, AZ:OAH-ALL & AZ:CC-RPP). $1,586 AZ:ALL


 Bankruptcy Court      
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 7 $244 AZ:USBC-7
U.S. Bankruptcy Court  - Chapter 11 $244 AZ:USBC-11
U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Chapter 13 $244 AZ:USBC-13
All three Arizona bankruptcy rule sets. $576 AZ:BK-ALL

Local bankruptcy rules require relevant FRBP rule set - see under federal bankruptcy for pricing.


 District Court - Criminal      | Product code |
U.S. District Court of Arizona - Criminal (must be used with FRCRP) $360 AZ:USCR-AZ




U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals - Civil $229 CIRC-9TH

All rules are for civil litigation only unless indicated otherwise.

Prices and availability subject to change.
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