AAA - American Arbitration Association



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Arbitration Rules for Wills and Trusts AAA:ARWT
Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures AAA:CDR
Commercial Dispute Resolution-Expedited AAA:CDR-EX
Commercial Financial Disputes AAA:CFD
Commercial Financial Disputes-Expedited AAA:CFD-EX
Construction Industry Dispute Resolution AAA:CIDRP
Construction Industry-Fast Track AAA:CI-FT
Grievance Mediation Procedures AAA:GMP
Home Construction Arbitration Rules AAA:HCAR
Accounting and Related Services (disputes filed on or after 2-1-15) AAA:ARS
Professional Accounting and Related Services (disputes filed before 2-1-15) AAA:PARS
Professional Accounting/Related Services expedited (disputes filed before 2-1-15) AAA:PARS-X
Real Estate Industry Arbitration Rules AAA:REIAR
Real Estate Industry-Expedited Procedures AAA:REI-EX
Securities Arbitration AAA:SEC
Securities Arbitration-Expedited Procedures AAA:SEC-EX
Wireless Industry Arbitration Rules AAA:WIAR
Wireless Industry-Fast Track AAA:WI-FT
Optional Appellate Arbitration Rules AAA:OAAR




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American Arbitration Association: Consumer Arbitration Rules AAA:CAR
American Arbitration Association: Consumer Arbitration Rules - Non-Binding AAA:CAR-N
Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures - Consumers * AAA:CDRC
Commercial Dispute Resolution-Expedited - Consumers * AAA:CDR-XC
Construction Industry Dispute Resolution - Consumers * AAA:CIDRPC
Construction Industry-Fast Track - Consumers * AAA:CI-FTC
Professional Accounting and Related Services - Consumers * (disputes filed before 2-1-15) AAA:PARS-C
Professional Accounting/Related Services expedited - Consumers * (disputes filed before 2-1-15) AAA:PAR-XC
Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes AAA:RCDR
Real Estate Industry Arbitration Rules - Consumers * AAA:REAR-C
Real Estate Industry-Expedited Procedures - Consumers * AAA:REIX-C
Securities Arbitration - Consumers * AAA:SEC-C
Securities Arbitration-Expedited Procedures - Consumers * AAA:SEC-XC
Wireless Industry Arbitration Rules - Consumers * AAA:WIARC
Wireless Industry-Fast Track - Consumers *



Employment AAA:EMPLOY
Employee Benefit Plan Claims Arbitration AAA:EBPCAR


CAMCA Mediation and Arbitration Rules AAA:CAMCA
International Arbitration Rules (before 6/1/14) AAA:IAR
International Arbitration Rules - Consumers * (before 6/1/14) AAA:IARC
International Dispute Resolution Procedures - (on or after 6-1-14) AAA:IDRP
International Dispute Resolution Procedures - Consumers * (on or after 6-1-14) AAA:IDRP-C
UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules



Impartial Umpire Rules AAA:IUR
Labor Arbitration Rules AAA:LAR
Labor Arbitration Rules-Expedited AAA:LAR-EX
Multiemployer Pension Plan Arbitration AAA:MPPAR
Rules for Impartial Determination of Union Fee



All AAA Rules sets listed above AAA:ALL

* These rules have been created for use concurrently with the Rules for Resolution of Consumer-Related Disputes.  These rules must be used concurrently with the rule set AAA:RCDR.




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